We continuously support charities and social projects to create better sustainability.  Since mid-2009, we have funded the charity "Hong Kong Caring Magic Circus" by providing manpower and resources support to create the best value to the community in youth development and to bring out more positive influences to the community by arousing the importance of happiness, love and care to all individuals.

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"What the world needs now is love & care!"

Message from our CEO

To management, Jacob Walery means value-creation and innovation that help them bring more profits through a Positive Organization.  To individuals, Jacob Walery means opportunities for happier work.  To us, Jacob Walery means "Stronger and Smarter".  The business world is dynamic and ever-changing while it cannot be predicted easily.  In order to capture the market with the leading edge, we continuously finetune training programs and consulting services to help our working partners excel.  Anyhow, managing people is the core success for a business.   Wish you every success with happiness everyday!

About our CEO - Wilson WAN <connect to Linked-in public profile>

"If you believe, your dreams can become true!"