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"To be or not to be is a matter of MAGIC" = Mentality x Attitude x Goal setting x Improvement x Commitment

Mr. Wilson WAN   Accountant * Life Director * Social Entrepreneur

Mr. Wilson (a.k.a. Magic Wilson) is responsible for monitoring the direction and strategy of the group to provide services to both international and local companies. Prior to this, he had been director of a consulting company providing consulting services in the area of business development, human resources management and internal control advisory. By profession, he is an accountant, professional coach and corporate consultant who trains over 30,000 people over the past 10 years. While he gets a background in accounting and internal auditing, he also acts as Independent Non-executive Directors of listed and non-listed companies in Hong Kong.   In recent years, apart from running the business of Jacob Walery, he also starts his practice as a "Life Director" and Social Entrepreneur to help individuals and companies excel.

He was the Hong Kong Chapter Leader (2005-2009) of the International Coach Federation (ICF-USA), which has over 10,000 member coaches throughout the world and an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association. Besides, he is the founding president of the Institute of  Professional Trainers and Coaches (IPTAC) in Hong Kong. Apart from helping clients with business set-up, marketing strategies, accounting, management advisory and personnel training in different industries like banking, finance, insurance, trading, manufacturing, professional firms and companies serving the public, he has also taken up teaching posts in various universities from China, HK and UK. Moreover, he is a supporter of continuous learning as he has got degress such as MBA with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MEd with the University of Newcastle in UK, Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology with University of South Australia, LLB(China Law) with Tsinghua University and BA with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is currently a doctoral (PhD) candidate researching in the area of strategies.

Wilson is famous for his mind-set training, magical coaching and improvisation for executives. He has founded the SBM Success By MAGIC(TM) training methodology and has applied it successfully to enhance the effectiveness of personal and corporate training in the areas of creative presentation, problem solving and innovation. He has adopted the Positive Quotient (previously known as Miracle Quotient - MQ) in his coaching practice aiming at the areas of Mentality, Attitude, Goal setting, Improvement and Commitment. With this innovative training method, he has been interviewed and highlighted by the major media in Hong Kong. He has also applied magic training in the education sector, as he believes that Knowledge, Attitude and Network (KAN) are the key factors to success for an individual.

His clients included ACCA, AIA, Citibank, Hang Seng Bank, Housing Authority of Hong Kong, IFPHK, KCRC, Modern Terminal Limited, MTR, SGS and for a variety of other institutes and universities in Hong Kong.

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